Automatically integrate security at every stage of the modern software supply chain across multiple cloud platforms and deliver secure applications to market faster.

Secure Software Supply Chain


Sonatype provides full-spectrum control of the cloud-native software development lifecycle.


  • Nexus Lifecycle continuously identifies risk, enforce policy, and remediate vulnerabilities across every phase of the SDLC. 
  • Nexus Firewall automatically stops risk and detect threats from malicious supply chain attacks.
  • Nexus Repository Manage libraries, build artifacts, and release candidates across the SDLC.
  • Advanced Legal Pack helps Legal and Development teams streamline OSS license compliance
  • Muse is cloud-native source code analysis solution helping developers catch and fix performance, reliability, and security bugs during code review.
  • Nexus Container secures and protects containers from development to runtime. 
  • Infrastructure as Code Pack for Nexus Lifecycle provides Security and policy guidance for developers configuring IAC
  • SaaS Sonatype Lift integrates directly into Azure DevOps pipelines and find and automatically fix security, licensing and architecture issues within their open source dependencies.


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