What sets us apart

Drive business results

Implement business requirements faster. Continuous improvement, cost reduction and improved delivery speed with enterprise grade technology platforms.

Train individuals and teams

Increase technology adoption. Develop a programmatic training approach to ensure that technology is successfully & efficiently utilised across the business.

Ecosystem Technology Adoption

A support ecosystem for success. Making sure that your suppliers, integrators and partners are enabled to support and assist in your new initiatives with technology.


At Nuaware we are experts in launching new technologies to support the growth of large businesses. We help our clients choose the tools, partners and skillsets needed for successful adoption of an enterprise class technology architecture.

The Principles:

  • Enterprise Grade
  • Platform Agnostic
  • Scalable & Battle Tested
  • Customisable / Open API
  • Secure & Compliant by default
Our Solutions
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We partner with market leading technology companies to help our customers build and deliver the worlds most critical applications. Our trusted partners are selected carefully to provide a trusted, enterprise class technology architecture, built on containers and microservices.

Our Technology
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We partner with specialised resellers and integrators across EMEA to help customers purchase software subscriptions/licenses and professional services via their preferred partner quickly and efficiently.

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Training Courses

At Nuaware we help organisations with their learning journey to modern architecture. Typically, this starts with discovery and adoption scenario workshops followed by official vendor & tailored training.


Official Control-Plane Training (KCSP)


Official Docker Inc Training


Technology adoption workshops (discovery, scenario, certification)

Tailored Training

Programmatic ecosystem and certification training for large teams (50+ attendees)

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