Cloud Native Operations Bootcamp

Mirantis CN251 Course Bundle (CKA-Path)

Cloud Native Operations Bootcamp

Official Mirantis Course Bundle: CN100+ CN120 + CN220


Launch your Kubernetes operations team with this rapid training on containerization, Kubernetes applications and Kubernetes operations.

CN251 is an intensive cloud native training bootcamp for IT professionals looking to develop skills in deploying and administering containerized applications in Kubernetes. Over the course of five days, students will start with learning about first principles for application containerization followed by learning how to stand up a containerized application in Kubernetes, and, finally, ramping up the skills for day-1 operating tasks for managing a Kubernetes production environment. CN251 is an ideal course for those who need to accelerate the development of their IT skills for a rapidly-changing technology landscape.


Who should attend

This course is targeted at students with the following:

  • Motivations: Use and manage containers from first principles & architect basic applications for Kubernetes
  • Roles: general technical audiences & IT professionals



  • Familiar with Containers and Kubernetes 
    • Bash shell
    • Filesystem navigation and manipulation
    • Command-line text editors like vim or nano
    • Common toolings like curl, wget and ping
    • YAML and JSON notation


  • EUR 2.900 per seat
  • GBP 2.500 per seat
  • Private training is available upon request 

Day 1: CN100: Docker Containerization Essentials

  • Containerization motivations and implementation
  • Creating, managing and auditing containers
  • Best practices in container image design
  • Single-host container networking
  • Provisioning external storage


Day 2+3: CN120: Kubernetes Application Essentials

  • Make effective use of pod architecture
  • Deploy workloads as Kubernetes controllers
  • Provision configuration at runtime to Kubernetes workloads
  • Network pods together across a cluster using native services
  • Provision highly available storage to Kubernetes workloads
  • Package an application as a Helm chart


Day 4+5: CN220: Kubernetes Operations

  • Kubernetes High Availability
  • Managing Application Deployment
  • Releasing Application Updates
  • Application High Availability
  • Routing Network Traffic
  • Provisioning Storage
  • Kube Security: Implementing RBAC
  • Kubernetes Network Security
  • Securing an Application Workload
  • Multi-Tenancy in Kubernetes

Recommended Follow Up Course and Certification:

  • CN320 Advanced Kubernetes Operations
  • The official Kubernetes Certified Administrator (CKA) exam offered by the Cloud Native Computing Foundation, all proctoring and scheduling is done by the CNCF.


1 January 0001

Scheduled dates

Monday 1 January 0001

Duration: 1 days
Location: Online
Language: English
Time: 10:00-17:30 CEST
Price: € 2900.00

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