Cloud Workload Protection with Prisma Cloud

8 April 2021 13.30 CET
Cloud Workload Protection with Prisma Cloud

This 3-hour cloud native security workshop, will familiarise participants with Prisma Cloud to secure cloud native applications across development lifecycles and on any cloud.


You'll learn how to use Prisma Cloud in real-life scenarios

  • Exploring the web Console 
  • Scanning Git Repositories
  • Vulnerability Management
  • Runtime Anomalies Detection
  • Bonus Lab


Who should attend

  • DevSecOps, DevOps, CyberSecurity, NetSec, SecOps, Cloud Engineers and Consultants 
  • There are no prerequisites for this workshop


About the Trainer

Patrick is an experienced Solutions Architect, specialising in Cloud Native technologies, Security and DevOps. He is capable of bridging the gap between business and technology, but will also happily embrace a deep technical conversation with his customers.




About this event

8 April 2021 13.30 - 16.30 CET


Patrick van der Bleek

Lead Solution Architect
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