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About us


Nuaware was founded to offer a single point of contact for an enterprise wanting to build a cloud-native application stack.


Our products allow organisations to successfully undergo the steps needed for DigitalTransformation. Cloud Migration, DevOpsTransformation and Application Modernisation.






An Exclusive Networks Company


Since our acquisition in December 2020 we have doubled in size. Adding resources in new regions and countries as the vendors we partner with lean on us to assist with the task of helping selland implement Kubernetes and Cloud-based technologies with their customers.


With the added access to the 18,000 partners of Exclusive Networks, we are increasing the knowledge and understanding on the benefits of these technologies and the ways they can support customers.


Being the first movers in a market means that we are at the cutting edge of new trends - pioneering messaging and challenging the status quo.




Our culture


We are people-centric and believe that hiring the right talent empowers us to continue disruption and growth in our industry.


We hire based on attitude, enthusiasm and desire to learn. Due to the unique business model we have, most of our teams have no specific experience in the technologies we sell, or how to sell it, so our hiring initiates are led by soft skills and personality.


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