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Twistlock is a pioneer and market leader in the area of cloud native security. We have been working with Twistlock since 2016 as their EMEA partner. In that time we have seen them go from no staff and 2 European customers, to having enterprise users in every major region, a team of more than 15 supporting them, with a vibrant ecosystem of partners.

With the move to microservices and cloud native applications, old style security with manual configuration and attack specific defences just can't cut it in this rapidly changing world. Twistlock leverages automation and artificial intelligence to keep cybersecurity proactive.

  • Platform agnostic
  • Compliance automation
  • Runtime defence capabilities
  • Microservice firewalling
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Containers and microservices offer a huge amount of advantages when it comes to application architecture, however more moving parts means more complexity and more things to monitor or troubleshoot. Instana is the partner we work with on bringing monitoring and application performance to the cloud native world. Instana uses automation to remove the need for manual instrumentation and allows root cause analysis for the most complex of microservice architectures, keeping track off containers, applications and services where a human never could.

  • Automatic instrumentation
  • Full stack tracing
  • Container native deployment
  • Cluster wide APM
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We are partnering with Portworx as they revolutionise the existing industry of storage. With the adoption of Kubernetes and containers, workloads are more mobile than ever before. Portworx addresses the problem of data management for fully portable applications, ensuring consistency, availability and security for data on the most dynamic of platforms.

  • Cloud/Container native storage
  • Multi-cluster management
  • Synchronous replication
  • Cluster wide encryption
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HashiCorp is a key partner for Nuaware, with their suite of tooling providing everything enterprises need to build and manage applications in the cloud. We are both a training and software partner for HashiCorp helping organisations adopt and succeed with tooling around secrets management and cloud provisioning.

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We have been a partner for Docker for a number of years. As the brand behind one of the most critical technologies in the drive to containers and microservices, we look to Docker for market leading technology and expertise on leveraging their namesake technology.

Nuaware is the official training partner for Docker, helping to deliver public, private and custom training courses for customers and partners across the EMEA region. Docker also offers the Docker Enterprise container platform, a unified, supported platform for businesses looking to run Docker containers in production.

  • Consistent workflow dev-prod
  • Secure by default
  • Vendor expert support
  • Automated deployment and integration
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Terraform is the industry standard in cloud provisioning technology. Code, deploy and repeat provisioning of cloud infrastructure across providers with one tool and one workflow. We suggest Terraform here at Nuaware to ensure consistency and security when deploying new platforms.

  • Cloud Infrastructure as code
  • Flexible, Shareable, Repeatable
  • Provider agnostic
  • Secure, RBAC integrated
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Vault is the market leader in secrets management and data protection. Deployed at major enterprises globally, businesses trust secrets management, key management and data protection to Vault. At Nuaware, Vault is the source of truth for sensitive information.

  • Dynamic Secrets
  • Key Rolling
  • Encryption as a service
  • Multi datacenter
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