About Us

Nuaware specialises in ensuring that enterprises successfully select and adopt the right technologies to achieve new business initiatives. New business initiatives now revolve around software, Nuaware was founded with the view that new platform and software development technologies are an ecosystem business. In order for an enterprise to successfully adopt something like microservice architectures in production, they need close partners in many areas. Nuaware helps select & introduce the right technologies, partners & training to take ideas into production.

Formed in the UK in 2016, with offices now in the UK, Ireland, the Netherlands and Germany, Nuaware is at the center of the emerging technology ecosystem for enterprise platforms, with now hundreds of customers and partners using our recommended architecture tooling and training.

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Meet the Team

Luke Hasty
Director of Sales

Responsible for the sales team, working with customers on architecture choices.

Zaheer Javaid
Director of Operations

Responsible for ensuring the smooth operations of the company. Finance, purchasing and logistics across all regions.

Hyan Cohen
Director of Business Development

Working on initiatives to promote and develop conversations around our product offerings. Running trainings & workshops with our partner network.

Nadavya Weinberg
Events Manager

Co-ordinating and running the many events that Nuaware are involved in. Helping and working with the community to educate and raise awareness for our partners.

Phil Hazelwood
Enterprise Account Manager

Working with and looking after our largest customers in the UK, helping them select and adopt technologies to successfully deliver on new projects.

Ajay Kang
Senior Sales Development

Reaching out and connecting with our network is important to maintain momentum and discover collaboration opportunities. Ajay works directly with the ecosystem to identify where we can help new customers.

Ashley Ward
Chief Technology Advisor

Advisor to Nuaware on the technical benefits of our reference architecture. Helping to define product messaging and new business use cases.